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The Post-Rock Way

Finding deeper meaning and experience through post-rock

Join us on the Way

Welcome. Those of us on this path find post-rock to be more than just experimental rock music that extends beyond standard rock themes and tropes or fancy cinematic rock without vocals. No, well-done post-rock plumbs the human experience much like older forms, such as classical. It presents the opportunity for a deeply human experience: facing emotion and sensation without words as conceptual boxes to tell you what to make of it. This can be an existential or even spiritual experience. That’s why this is the Post-Rock “Way”: it’s a path to exploration and deeper engagement with yourself and with the cosmos, finding that we are one and entwined. We hope you will join us in this experience.

The irony is that the separation is a fiction. Existentialist philosophers largely missed this point. Their effort–to live authentically by finding individual meaning in a chaotic universe–presupposes that we are separate from the world we experience. To live authentically, we have to stop trying to avoid suffering and death by looking for meaning. We have to enter the mystery of life itself.

Ken McLeod, Wake up to Your Life – Introduction