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Growth | Spotlight: Russian Circles

The cool air of fall blew off the sea onto my face as I walked through my darkened neighborhood last night with Russian Circles’ live album, Live at Dunk! Fest, driving my steps. I was pondering what exactly to say for this post. Last week offered a great opportunity that I had awaited for years,Continue reading “Growth | Spotlight: Russian Circles”


Transformation | Überwindung und Übergang

Ich lehre euch den Übermenschen. Der Mensch ist Etwas, das überwunden werden soll. Was habt ihr gethan, ihn zu überwinden? English: I teach you about the Overhuman. The human is something that should be overcome (Note: “überwunden” – post’s title, “Überwindung”, is the related noun). What have you done to overcome it? Nietzsche, “Also sprach Zarathustra”,Continue reading “Transformation | Überwindung und Übergang”

Inner Strength | Anouâr G.: In Light of Recent Events

Once again, I’ve had recent contact with a wonderful musician requesting I consider his new musical offering and speak to it on the blog, bringing my particular interpretive lens to this genre of music. I’m honored to share my experience and be part of the creative process that is on display. Furthermore, Anouâr G. isContinue reading “Inner Strength | Anouâr G.: In Light of Recent Events”

Myth | Ask Askr: Kindling Flame

Recently, I had contact from Ask Askr, a family post-rock trio, to check out their first single, “Kindling Flame”. As this little blog continues, it seems to find some readers who resonate with the deep intensity of my interpretations of what this music genre offers, and Matt from Ask Askr is one of those. I’veContinue reading “Myth | Ask Askr: Kindling Flame”

Healing | The Glass Pavilion: Consolation

A few weeks back, I was reached out to by Ashley Owens, the artist behind the Glass Pavillion, to listen to and write about his new release, Consolation. He is quite the interesting fellow, having both a PhD in philosophy, and recording post-rock as a personal healing after a brain injury. I’ve been away fromContinue reading “Healing | The Glass Pavilion: Consolation”

A New Cycle | Spotlight: Coastlands

This last weekend, I had the pleasure of a short road trip to attend the Post-Rock and Friends Fest in Portland, OR. I had a chance to see a few bands live whom I’d been wanting to see for years. I’m going to write two posts about this regarding the two bands that really grabbedContinue reading “A New Cycle | Spotlight: Coastlands”

Hymn | Spotlight: Sigur Rós

Last night, I saw another post-rock legend, Sigur Rós, and like in the experience of my previous post on Mono, I was left feeling touched in a way that’s difficult to describe – nearly moved to tears on multiple occasions. This surprised me, as even though they’re revered by many in the genre, I’ve neverContinue reading “Hymn | Spotlight: Sigur Rós”

Transformation | Spotlight: Mono

Earlier this week, I went to see my favorite band live for the 4th time: Mono. Up to the concert, I’d had some mixed feelings due to personal history, but I came out of the concert feeling deeply cleansed. Here’s what I wrote on Instagram: Words cannot capture how much this concert from my favoriteContinue reading “Transformation | Spotlight: Mono”

Presence | Each Moment is the Universe

A few weeks back, an old post-rock favorite released a revamp of a previous album. The second song grabbed me in particular, leaving me almost in tears due to several layers of personal meaning in the album. First, this album was one of the first post-rock points of connection between myself and the woman whomContinue reading “Presence | Each Moment is the Universe”

Majesty | A Hymn to Impermanence and Emptiness

Summer 2014I live in Seattle, making my way through the drudgery of a job in customer service after years in academia. In time to myself, I work on reading and running – taking care of body and mind. Many a run is empowered by 65daysofstatic’s album “Wild Light”. The first song in particular feels likeContinue reading “Majesty | A Hymn to Impermanence and Emptiness”