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Love | Destiny | The Red Thread

One of the most moving post-rock discoveries for me last year was Akai Ito by This is one of the rare post-rock songs that has lyrics, and coming at the end of the album, the words make it even more powerful. Furthermore, the lyrics are short, simple, and moving, yet also somewhat cryptic: TheContinue reading “Love | Destiny | The Red Thread”


Grief | Love | Death | Moving through Loss

As we go through life, there will be loss. Everything composite is impermanent, and everything is composite. All falls apart, eventually. Even atoms will slowly break apart into heat death, according to thermodynamics. This inevitability of change alongside our attachment to beloved events, places, situations, and people means that there will be the pain ofContinue reading “Grief | Love | Death | Moving through Loss”

Love | Bewitched Transcendence

What is it to be in love? This is a difficult question. On my other blog, I’ve previously written posts about the difficulty of this. The truth is: it’s a very nebulous and multifarious concept. Because it’s a problematic concept in its abstract vagueness, perhaps this is a theme where the lack of words inContinue reading “Love | Bewitched Transcendence”