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Majesty | A Hymn to Impermanence and Emptiness

Summer 2014I live in Seattle, making my way through the drudgery of a job in customer service after years in academia. In time to myself, I work on reading and running – taking care of body and mind. Many a run is empowered by 65daysofstatic’s album “Wild Light”. The first song in particular feels likeContinue reading “Majesty | A Hymn to Impermanence and Emptiness”


Resolve | Majesty | Standing Strong

One of the standout albums of the year for me (and it’s no surprise given the excellence of their previous album) is BLAK’s El Tall d’Escil·la. It’s so excellent, and their musical skills are so fantastic that even the live album version from a few months later is mind-blowing. I’ll defer to Veil of Sound’sContinue reading “Resolve | Majesty | Standing Strong”

Majesty | Song as a Kōan

Who are you? No, really: who are you? I don’t mean a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker. As soon as we use those labels, we’re stuck with the Sartrean point that you’re one of those things (such as a waiter) insofar as you perform the action implied with it, but that clearly doesn’tContinue reading “Majesty | Song as a Kōan”