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A New Cycle | Spotlight: Coastlands

This last weekend, I had the pleasure of a short road trip to attend the Post-Rock and Friends Fest in Portland, OR. I had a chance to see a few bands live whom I’d been wanting to see for years. I’m going to write two posts about this regarding the two bands that really grabbedContinue reading “A New Cycle | Spotlight: Coastlands”


Transformation | Spotlight: Mono

Earlier this week, I went to see my favorite band live for the 4th time: Mono. Up to the concert, I’d had some mixed feelings due to personal history, but I came out of the concert feeling deeply cleansed. Here’s what I wrote on Instagram: Words cannot capture how much this concert from my favoriteContinue reading “Transformation | Spotlight: Mono”

Presence | Each Moment is the Universe

A few weeks back, an old post-rock favorite released a revamp of a previous album. The second song grabbed me in particular, leaving me almost in tears due to several layers of personal meaning in the album. First, this album was one of the first post-rock points of connection between myself and the woman whomContinue reading “Presence | Each Moment is the Universe”

Majesty | A Hymn to Impermanence and Emptiness

Summer 2014I live in Seattle, making my way through the drudgery of a job in customer service after years in academia. In time to myself, I work on reading and running – taking care of body and mind. Many a run is empowered by 65daysofstatic’s album “Wild Light”. The first song in particular feels likeContinue reading “Majesty | A Hymn to Impermanence and Emptiness”

Love | Destiny | The Red Thread

One of the most moving post-rock discoveries for me last year was Akai Ito by This is one of the rare post-rock songs that has lyrics, and coming at the end of the album, the words make it even more powerful. Furthermore, the lyrics are short, simple, and moving, yet also somewhat cryptic: TheContinue reading “Love | Destiny | The Red Thread”

Resolve | Path | Enduring

So much of what draws me to ancient philosophy as well as Buddhism and Taoism is the focus on it as a way of life. These are not merely arguments about language, logic, or epistemology. No. They are a spiritual with an intense focus on what it is to be a human being in theContinue reading “Resolve | Path | Enduring”

Yearning | Mood | The Churning of Want

Recently, I came across a fantastic album that I had previously overlooked. It’s post-rock at its best for two reasons. It’s exploring a deep emotional concept through instrumental dynamism It’s an entire album focused on different cultural lenses around this experience The experience is yearning, to try to summarize. I say “try to summarize” becauseContinue reading “Yearning | Mood | The Churning of Want”

Mood | Depression | The Practice of Sitting with What Arises

One of the fundamental human experiences we have is emotion, and further, deeper – mood. There are the ebbs and flows, the weather of the mind’s sentiment, so to speak. Mood is the deeper, more lasting, less conceptualizable affect that affects us. We find ourselves within these experiences. Even though the brain does tremendous workContinue reading “Mood | Depression | The Practice of Sitting with What Arises”

Grief | Love | Death | Moving through Loss

As we go through life, there will be loss. Everything composite is impermanent, and everything is composite. All falls apart, eventually. Even atoms will slowly break apart into heat death, according to thermodynamics. This inevitability of change alongside our attachment to beloved events, places, situations, and people means that there will be the pain ofContinue reading “Grief | Love | Death | Moving through Loss”

Majesty | Song as a Kōan

Who are you? No, really: who are you? I don’t mean a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker. As soon as we use those labels, we’re stuck with the Sartrean point that you’re one of those things (such as a waiter) insofar as you perform the action implied with it, but that clearly doesn’tContinue reading “Majesty | Song as a Kōan”