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Hymn | Spotlight: Sigur Rós

Last night, I saw another post-rock legend, Sigur Rós, and like in the experience of my previous post on Mono, I was left feeling touched in a way that’s difficult to describe – nearly moved to tears on multiple occasions. This surprised me, as even though they’re revered by many in the genre, I’ve neverContinue reading “Hymn | Spotlight: Sigur Rós”


Mood | Depression | The Practice of Sitting with What Arises

One of the fundamental human experiences we have is emotion, and further, deeper – mood. There are the ebbs and flows, the weather of the mind’s sentiment, so to speak. Mood is the deeper, more lasting, less conceptualizable affect that affects us. We find ourselves within these experiences. Even though the brain does tremendous workContinue reading “Mood | Depression | The Practice of Sitting with What Arises”