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Transformation | Überwindung und Übergang

Ich lehre euch den Übermenschen. Der Mensch ist Etwas, das überwunden werden soll. Was habt ihr gethan, ihn zu überwinden? English: I teach you about the Overhuman. The human is something that should be overcome (Note: “überwunden” – post’s title, “Überwindung”, is the related noun). What have you done to overcome it? Nietzsche, “Also sprach Zarathustra”,Continue reading “Transformation | Überwindung und Übergang”


Myth | Ask Askr: Kindling Flame

Recently, I had contact from Ask Askr, a family post-rock trio, to check out their first single, “Kindling Flame”. As this little blog continues, it seems to find some readers who resonate with the deep intensity of my interpretations of what this music genre offers, and Matt from Ask Askr is one of those. I’veContinue reading “Myth | Ask Askr: Kindling Flame”

Hymn | Spotlight: Sigur Rós

Last night, I saw another post-rock legend, Sigur Rós, and like in the experience of my previous post on Mono, I was left feeling touched in a way that’s difficult to describe – nearly moved to tears on multiple occasions. This surprised me, as even though they’re revered by many in the genre, I’ve neverContinue reading “Hymn | Spotlight: Sigur Rós”

Presence | Each Moment is the Universe

A few weeks back, an old post-rock favorite released a revamp of a previous album. The second song grabbed me in particular, leaving me almost in tears due to several layers of personal meaning in the album. First, this album was one of the first post-rock points of connection between myself and the woman whomContinue reading “Presence | Each Moment is the Universe”

Resolve | Majesty | Standing Strong

One of the standout albums of the year for me (and it’s no surprise given the excellence of their previous album) is BLAK’s El Tall d’Escil·la. It’s so excellent, and their musical skills are so fantastic that even the live album version from a few months later is mind-blowing. I’ll defer to Veil of Sound’sContinue reading “Resolve | Majesty | Standing Strong”

Resolve | Path | Enduring

So much of what draws me to ancient philosophy as well as Buddhism and Taoism is the focus on it as a way of life. These are not merely arguments about language, logic, or epistemology. No. They are a spiritual with an intense focus on what it is to be a human being in theContinue reading “Resolve | Path | Enduring”

Majesty | Song as a Kōan

Who are you? No, really: who are you? I don’t mean a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker. As soon as we use those labels, we’re stuck with the Sartrean point that you’re one of those things (such as a waiter) insofar as you perform the action implied with it, but that clearly doesn’tContinue reading “Majesty | Song as a Kōan”

Death | Journey | The Sweet Nostalgia of Change

It is a fiction that we are one, enduring identity. This statement may ruffle some feathers of my readers, but I ask you please to briefly hear me out (or read me out?). It doesn’t take just some sort of dogmatism based on my Buddhist convictions to say this; all it really requires (as theContinue reading “Death | Journey | The Sweet Nostalgia of Change”

Death | Post-rock’s Elegiac

One of the existential predicaments of being human is the realization of death as the horizon of our being. It is the ever-encroaching darkness of night, our finitude. Heidegger digs into this deeply in Being and Time: Death is not something not yet objectively present, nor the last outstanding element reduced to a minimum, ratherContinue reading “Death | Post-rock’s Elegiac”