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Grief | Love | Death | Moving through Loss

As we go through life, there will be loss. Everything composite is impermanent, and everything is composite. All falls apart, eventually. Even atoms will slowly break apart into heat death, according to thermodynamics. This inevitability of change alongside our attachment to beloved events, places, situations, and people means that there will be the pain ofContinue reading “Grief | Love | Death | Moving through Loss”


Death | Post-rock’s Elegiac

One of the existential predicaments of being human is the realization of death as the horizon of our being. It is the ever-encroaching darkness of night, our finitude. Heidegger digs into this deeply in Being and Time: Death is not something not yet objectively present, nor the last outstanding element reduced to a minimum, ratherContinue reading “Death | Post-rock’s Elegiac”