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Transformation | Überwindung und Übergang

Ich lehre euch den Übermenschen. Der Mensch ist Etwas, das überwunden werden soll. Was habt ihr gethan, ihn zu überwinden? English: I teach you about the Overhuman. The human is something that should be overcome (Note: “überwunden” – post’s title, “Überwindung”, is the related noun). What have you done to overcome it? Nietzsche, “Also sprach Zarathustra”,Continue reading “Transformation | Überwindung und Übergang”


Resolve | Path | Enduring

So much of what draws me to ancient philosophy as well as Buddhism and Taoism is the focus on it as a way of life. These are not merely arguments about language, logic, or epistemology. No. They are a spiritual with an intense focus on what it is to be a human being in theContinue reading “Resolve | Path | Enduring”

Death | Journey | The Sweet Nostalgia of Change

It is a fiction that we are one, enduring identity. This statement may ruffle some feathers of my readers, but I ask you please to briefly hear me out (or read me out?). It doesn’t take just some sort of dogmatism based on my Buddhist convictions to say this; all it really requires (as theContinue reading “Death | Journey | The Sweet Nostalgia of Change”